baaah RAM

I love my laptop. The Sony Vaio has been my computer of choice for over four years now, and they’ve always served me well. While I often regret the lack of contrast and color shifting that is inherent in laptop screens, my Vaio is in all other respects on par with comprable desktops. Indeed, my laptop is basically rooted to my desk and rarely travels.

On the one occassion when I did have to take it to and from my classes for a few days in a row, I then learned of its terrifying, fatal flaw. I was a teaching assistant, and after a few days of acting as the class’s PowerPoint computer, my laptop died. It froze suddenly and without warning, as if someone had hit the pause button, and then did not turn back on. This, of course, had to happen during December finals, which were the busiest seven days of my life, days so stressful that I am certain that I will die a little younger because of them.

The problem, it turns out, is known, and essentially has to do with a loose RAM chip. For those of you unfamiliar with computer hardware, here’s the metaphor: after a bumpy plane ride, your spine jiggles loose from your brain. Not a good situation.

In my panic, I decided that the best course of action would be to grab the 2,000 dollar piece of equipment like an Etch A Sketch and shake it up and down screaming, “WORK, DAMNIT!” Unfortunately laptops do not respond to intimidation and shakedowns. Once the unseated RAM chip was discovered, it was quickly clicked back into place, the harmony of the universe restored.

Seven months later (three days ago), the Vaio started exhibiting the same terrifying freezes. So I opened it up and pressed the chip in hard. It seemed to be okay, but froze again a day later. Repeat. It seems fine now, but if this keeps happening I may have to get some hardware assistance.

This entry is entirely uninteresting. I apologize, but it’s MY website.



  1. Seth wrote:

    Get a mac. You know you want to. =)

  2. Damian wrote:

    Ah, but if you can take the uninteresting and make it amusing… that’s a talent.

    As much as I love Macs, everyone I know with a Powerbook has had some kind of problem with the screen. I know 2 people who’ve had to have the screens completely replaced, 2 people with busted latches, and 1 person with a hinge so loose the screen won’t stay upright. iBooks, on the other hand… I haven’t heard any complaints about those.