the dell hybrid

The Dell Hybrid

Alright, credit where credit is due. The Dell Hybrid is a really cool machine. It’s compact, attractive, pays attention to the little things, and does it for very little money. Hey, wasn’t I just writing about this? The cute little machine, with its haute couture bamboo covering, slot-loading disc drive, and unique silhouette, practically begs to be purchased. This is not trivial. With each passing year computers become more tightly integrated into our lifestyles, and the simple fact is that they are no longer utilities or tools. They are essentially repositories for our lives, overflowing with photos, notes, work projects, email, and all the other stuff that you depend on. An item of such importance should not be something that you strive to conceal under a desk, it should look good enough to compliment your decor. Apple caught on to this about eleven years ago, and it’s nice to see other companies finally getting with the program (even if they do take design inspiration from droids). If even your faucet can be an object d’arte, why not the computer?

However, there is such a thing as going too far. I can’t tell if the Ego laptop line is directly entwined with the Bentley brand or if it’s a separate venture. Either way, it’s ridiculous. A person who buys an Ego laptop would have to be the sort of person who can actually buy from a brand named Ego without dying inside. I submit that these sorts of people are not what you’d call tech savvy. Being a computer, it will only lose value over time. Diamond-encrusted or not, no computer will ever be the Heart of the Ocean.

Of course, both the Hybrid and the Ego run Windows Vista, so I won’t be, you know, touching that.


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